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I took a degree at the Open University, gaining an honours degree in Humanities, studying both French and Music, lifelong loves of mine to level 3, the highest level within a Bachelor degree.   I graduated at the age of 62. 

My own story propelled me to researching the condition of ADHD in adults and discovering Laurie Dupar’s ground-breaking International ADHD Coach Training Centre.  Studying to become a certified ADHD Life Coach allowed me to make the most of my compassion and creativity.   I now derive great joy from carrying forward that inspiration and helping others transform their lives.

I am also privileged to be a Trustee for a UK-registered charity making a real difference to children with disabilities in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan.  I run, dance, play the flute, practice yoga (although not all at the same time) and hold close the philosophy of Buddhism.  My wonderfully large and boisterous family will always be my deepest source of gratitude, motivation and joy, and my husband my unsung hero.

Graduation pic me 2_edited.png
Graduating with an honours degree showed me I could manage my ADHD

An 'interrupted education'

My driving force to becoming a Life Coach was my own diagnosis of ADHD when I was 52. 

I can therefore view my life in two distinct phases;

Before diagnosis

My early life was blessed with supportive parents who consistently down-played my tendencies towards losing things, poor time-management, academic ‘carelessness’ and poor organisation. They encouraged in me the value of self-forgiveness and the importance of kindness.   The job which held my attention for longest was as a Human Resources Assistant, which covered everything from folding gift-wrap to designing and running management training courses.  In the right environment, I was unstoppable!

After diagnosis - closing the gap 

It was a revelation to me that I had been using so few of my true abilities.  Those frequent trips, falls and recoveries, viewed now in hindsight, had taken my life path way off my potential and I needed to close the gap.

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