ADHD coaching is a process whereby a client is encouraged to develop self-awareness as well as take their first steps towards living to their full potential. 

It is a strictly confidential process, where a level of trust is established from the outset.  

Together, the Client and Coach will carefully explore the values, goals, priorities, and motivation of the Client so that a picture is built up of the Client’s true nature and potential.  A picture is also built up of the obstacles which might risk progress, such as procrastination, disorganisation and poor time management.

The role of the Coach is similar to that of a co-pilot.  The Client is always in the ‘Captain’s chair’, in full control of the direction of the flight and in total control of the instruments. The First Officer sits calmly alongside, gathering important information and sometimes, with permission, using past experience to allow a smooth, comfortable and successful journey.  

Is a Coach a Psychotherapist?

The coaching process may be considered as therapy, in that it will bring about a route forwards to a more contented way of life, but a Coach isn’t necessarily medically trained. 

Is a Coach a Mentor?

Not as such.  A mentor will be more of an instructor.  Although a Coach will be exceptionally knowledgeable in the field of ADHD, the Client is his or her own life-expert and the Coach will focus on helping them reach the right solutions for them.