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Deeply rooted in self-compassion, it is a strictly confidential process based on trust from the outset.  As I encourage you to develop self-awareness you will explore your values, goals, priorities, and motivation and begin to re-discover your true nature.  As you start to crystalise your plans, we’ll also be bringing to mind those ADHD obstacles which might otherwise sour your progress, such as procrastination, disorganisation and poor time management. 


The Flight Deck Metaphor

My role is similar to that of a co-pilot.  The Client is always in the ‘Captain’s chair’, in full control of the direction of the flight and in total control of the instruments. The Co-Pilot sits calmly alongside, gathering important information and sometimes, with permission, uses past experience to share suggestions to allow for a smooth, comfortable and successful journey.  


So why is Life Coaching highly recommended for ADHD?

Having ADHD, many of us have a great deal of self-knowledge.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we take the actions and routes we know would be good for us.  That’s where coaching fits in.  The coach will help make sense of that knowledge and help clarify and prioritise those actions which need to be taken to create a far more fulfilling life.

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