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My driving force to becoming a Life Coach was my own diagnosis of ADHD when I was 52 .  I'm passionate about using that insight and my mission is to support you as you identify and achieve your own life goals.  

For anyone who needs a little bit of accountability theres a free zapper session on Tuesday.

They're fabulous... Adhd coach Susannah Ward hosts these monthly zoom sessions where you log in and set your intention, go off and do that dull job for 45 minutes ish then check back in midway and then do another 45 mins ish then check back in again at the end of the session.

They really help me break the back of mundane jobs that I procrastinate over! Before the first one I was anxious, sounds strange to say that now, but I was worried because it felt like too big a commitment.

Susannah's gentle support meant I didn't feel judged if I didn't achieve what I set out to. So don't feel intimidated like I did.  They're free sessions so you have nothing to lose!

SH, Supermum,  Edinburgh

My latest bank statement arrived this morning so I have even done that!! Feeling terribly pleased with myself - thanks to yesterday's Zapper Zoom 😇🙂

PW, Retired OT, Canterbury

Oh wow.  I've moved on so much in my life since my coaching!  

I love her sense of humour, and just having the knowledge that she's there if things ever get tricky from now on.

SL, Government Official, Canterbury, UK

The zapper zooms are brilliant and help me to crack on with my least favourite jobs.  She's helped me find a lot of confidence to move forwards in my life, and I just wish I'd found her sooner.

J B-W, Teacher, Oxford


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Overwhelmed to overjoyed!

These are wonderful opportunities for us to crack on with those jobs we put off.  Generally speaking people with ADHD find interesting or urgent jobs get tackled - who doesn't love a glitter ball, squirrel or deadline?  
However, these sessions are designed to address the jobs which don't appeal but which we simply don't have a choice over.


Just be yourself!

I organise our local free monthly ADHD support Meetup in Canterbury, Kent.  Our members are all at different stages of self-awareness and diagnosis and enjoy sharing hints and tips we've picked up along the way.  Just being with other like-minded people is such a boost!  

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Man in the Mist


Sweeten Life’s Challenges

If you are one of the many adults with a late diagnosis of ADHD you will have experienced a significant point of clarity.  An explanation for why you might not have reached your potential is truly life-enhancing, and often a bit of a shock. 

But where to now?  An in-depth series of coaching sessions will get to the heart of who you truly are, where you want to be and how you will get there.  It really can be that simple!


Why fit in when you were born to stand out?   Dr Seuss

ADHD is well known to be a super-power.  It wires you for creativity, originality and fearlessness, all of which are pre-requisites for becoming a successful entrepreneur.   That's the up side!

If you find, however, the have-to-dos excrutiatingly boring then life coaching is designed set you free to fly!

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Thankfully, research into ADHD is growing constantly.  Always listening out for the latest news, I present my findings in a regular blog form, creating an easy-access resource for all.  I do hope you find them helpful.