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Finding sweet solutions to help the medicine go down

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   I'm Susannah Ward.
Welcome to my website.

I hope you find it helpful and interesting.

You’ll find information about ADHD life coaching here, and why it’s so successful.  

In my blogs, I talk about why our most common challenges can be so disruptive and provide a few tips and hacks that can make a real difference.

Twice a month we hold a free zapper zoom, and invite you to join our merry band of procrastinators to conquer the jobs we keep putting off.   Also please find details about the equally friendly Canterbury Adult ADHD meet up group and the ADHD-uk Over-50's support groups as you scroll. 

Thank you for finding me and I look forward to helping your ADHD voyage of self-discovery!


My driving force to becoming a Life Coach was my own diagnosis of ADHD when I was 52 . 


I'm passionate about using that insight and my mission is to support you as you identify and achieve your own life goals.  

What do other people say?

I didn't realize coaching would have such a positive impact on my life!  I really felt Susannah was listening closely to me.

JG, Counsellor,  Melbourne, Australia

How can I help you?
Life Coaching for those with ADHD

Sweetening life's challenges



If you are one of the many adults with a late diagnosis of ADHD you will have experienced a significant point of clarity.  An explanation for why you might not have reached your potential is truly life-enhancing, and often a bit of a shock. 

But where to now?  Life coaching will get to the heart of who you truly are, where you want to be and how you will get there.  

“There are far better things ahead

than we ever leave behind.”- C.S. Lewis

Compare notes with other over-50's at ADHD-UK's monthly online support group

ADHD guru Dr Ned Hallowell says "There is nothing in the world that changes people more for the good than the force of connection. I call it the other Vitamin C"

You are very welcome every second Wednesday lunchtime to find tips and strategies to live easier with ADHD as an older adult with a late diagnosis. A £5 suggested donation makes a huge difference to enable this amazing charity to continue providing first-rate support . 

Free-entry Zapper Zooms

Overwhelmed to overjoyed!

These are wonderful opportunities for us to crack on with those jobs we keep putting off, at the same time getting rid of all the negative emotions that go with procrastinating.  

These twice-monthly sessions are designed to encourage rather than pressurise.  We're all in this together, so there's no element of judgement.  Just huge celebration when we all seem to achieve far more than we would have done alone!

ADHD Support Meetup

Just be yourself!

I organise our local free monthly ADHD support Meetup in Canterbury, Kent. 


Our members are all at different stages of self-awareness and diagnosis and enjoy sharing hints and tips we've picked up along the way.  Just being with other like-minded people is such a boost!  

Spoonful Blog Articles

Research into adult ADHD is growing all the time, offering us scope for greater self-awareness and improved ways of living easier with the condition.  I unpack the latest information and present simple hints and hacks so you can move towards your own, much sweeter future.  The hashtags will help direct you.

Do drop me a line!

Simply sign up here for automatic monthly reminders to the support groups and Zapper Zooms - sorted!


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